Friday, November 13, 2009

Holiday Gratitude

I am still a member of WV Writer’s, but since moving to Texas, I have also joined, the Inspirational Writer’s of America. This Thursday evening we will have our monthly meeting, where we will celebrate the upcoming holiday with friends, food, and a short written offering telling what we are thankful for this year.

At first thought, that was very easy. I am thankful for Emily Erin Briles; my grand-daughter, who will be one year old in January. I am thankful for her giggles and slobber kisses. I am thankful for her squeals of glee when I walk into her house. I am thankful that my son and his wife invited me to Amarillo, and that they have included me in her life. I am thankful for her two sisters who have also accepted me as grandma. It was so easy to think of Emily as I thought of things that I am thankful for, but she reminded me of other things that I am equally thankful for.

I am grateful for all of my West Virginia friends. During the best and worst times of my life, you have been there with your friendship, your ears to listen, your shoulders to cry on, and your laughter to remind me how precious life truly can be. You have given me material things (a car for goodness sakes!), your trust, your inspiration, your opinions (good and bad), and for a time, a reason to keep living.

My writing friends know my soul; a place I only show on paper. My oldest friends knew me at my absolute worst. Friends have known me in my home, in a bar, in a church, and at work. Some of you have very literally saved my life. Some of you helped to save my soul. One of you saved many others by your gift to me, and I want to honor that gift.

Delegate Bonnie Brown has been a friend for a long time. Years ago, when I lost my daughter, everyone said, “What can I do to help?” I am so grateful to everyone who offered, and who did help, but sometimes grieving people just aren’t good at saying what they want most.

Bonnie took me to lunch and said, “What can I do to help?”

I said, “Get a seat belt law passed for West Virginia.”

She introduced it in the House, and it passed.

Bonnie is a grandma too now. I wonder how many children in West Virginia are alive today because of a little piece of canvas, and because of a friend said, “What can I do to help?”

When you strap your kids in to go see Grandma and Grandpa and then sit around a family table this year giving thanks for your many blessings, please remember to give thanks for my friend, Bonnie who listened and acted.


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