Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Suffering Servants

Years ago, I watched a video about the life of Mother Teresa. I am not Catholic, but there were certain scenes that absolutely blew me away. I feel a need to share them today. One scene is for the church, the other is for someone I love.

Mother Teresa was in a small convent, and had to go through the city outside the walls to get to the market or to the trains to visit missions outside of the city. One day as she waited for a train, In the midst of crowds of people pressing against her, she saw an old man lying on the ground. In that city at that time, there was nothing unusual about an old man lying on the ground; probably dying, but on this day, something happened.

The old man made eye contact with the tiny nun and beckoned her to come closer. When she did, he said, "I thirst." In the old man, she saw Christ, and from that moment, she saw Christ in every person lying on the streets of Calcutta, and in every person who was suffering or dying. Her mission became to care for them as she would have for Christ. Just imagine if the Church began to look at people in pain as they would look at Christ in pain. That's what He would have done.

The second scene. A young woman came to help at the hospital that Mother Teresa had started. She wasn't a nun, and may not have been Catholic (the story never indicated that part). She spent her days joyfully scrubbing, singing, and caring for the poorest of India's poor. One day, she collapsed. Mother Teresa called the Dr. The cause was never disclosed, but the young woman was very ill and had to go back to her home in England to take care of herself. Her heart was broken because she had so loved helping others.

Mother Teresa talked the young woman into going home, resting, and caring for herself, and gave her a different kind of ministry. She asked the woman to begin an intercessory prayer group of Suffering Servants from around the world. Her reasoning was that these people living with pain and profound sorrow, knew a little about Christ's suffering. They became and remain, a vital part of the ministry that she established.

Sometimes, in your pain and sorrow and frustration, maybe you need to understand that there are Suffering Servants in your own circle of family and friends. Maybe God strategically places them within your access for times like these. Now, all you have to reach out. You are already in their prayers.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Memories

My daughter was born on September 4, 1976 in Montgomery, WV. Today, she would be 34 years old.

When parents lose a child, they are tortured by "Why?" Years ago, when God restored my sanity, He removed that word from my heart and mind forever.

I have healed, I have new loves in my life in my grandchildren. I have seen my son become a man that I am very proud of, married to a woman I would have chosen for him.

My health is better than it was years ago. My addictions of alcohol and cigarettes are gone. My sorrow is gone, but, sometimes a little sad is okay.

Today, my beautiful daughter would be 34 years old.