Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is There A God?

I am cheating a little here. This is my response to a question posed by a friend of mine who has a blog.

In the blog, there is a video by someone 'acting' Satan, who wants to know how anyone can believe in God.

My father was a structural engineer and an architect. I learned two faith lessons from him, although he never made any effort to teach me about anything spiritual.

If you were to deliver a load of wood, wire, pipes, glass, etc. to a building site, you would have a pile of building supplies. Before you can build a complete and sustainable building, you need an architect with a working plan of how to use those supplies.

The first thing the building would need would be a strong, unmovable foundation. You would need a foundation capable of supporting the structure to be erected.

A dear friend of mine, a brilliant man, is also an atheist. He says, “Why would any even half intelligent person believe in an invisible being who does magic tricks?”

Thinking of the Architect of the cosmos, the unmovable foundation of my faith; how could I not believe in God?

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